The Photo Booth Pictures are up!

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The Photo Booth Photos are up! Check them out here:

Please note that there is a slight fee to download the images, and you can order prints too! Please help support our Photo Booth friends who donated their time and equipment to help make the Sqysh Fysh fundraiser a success.

Thanks everyone!

Sqysh Fysh thanks you

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Just wanted to give a quick shout of thanks to all of you who came to our fundraiser and supported or donated. Big thanks to Area 33 for being the coolest venue I’ve ever worked with and the talent who donated their time. Photos from the photo booth will be posted at shortly.

First fundraiser, with Knowa Knowone

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~Thanks for riding with the Sqysh Fysh these past couple of years. Come party with her at our first fundraiser with Knowa Knowone (Muti Records, San Francisco), Pumpkin (Wandering Marionettes), Brion Charles (Brion T), 13Sound, and Gabe (Sqysh Fysh, didJital). Saturday December 19th at Area 33 from 10pm until 6am. More details here.


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